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Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathy is an internationally recognized and well-established form of manual medicine where the hands are used as tools in diagnosis and treatment. Common areas are lower back problem, ischias, Headache and knee pain. An Osteopath works to improve the body’s functioning using soft manual techniques such as stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.

With gentle manipulation and adjustments, tense muscles are softened and any bodily misalignment corrected. With correct alignment blood flows better throughout the body, reducing the likelihood of repeat muscular injuries and also speeds recovery. Correct alignment also allows the nervous system to work most efficiently, and for optimal movement throughout the skeletal system, muscles, joints, ligaments and connective tissue.

Osteopaths are trained to help people with both acute and long-term problems. Most common areas are lower back problem, ischias and neck pain.  Acute problems can arise for example, following a sports injury or pain after a heavy lift. Longterm problems  and pain may have been caused by a prolonged overload, e.g. repetitive work-related movements. An Osteopath can also advise you on exercise, stretching and other methods that can help you to better health.

State of health we treat

All our customers are treated individually according to their specific problems and needs. Some common problems we treat include; lower back pain,  neck pain, headache, migraine, sciatica, tennis elbow,ischias,  knee pain  and hip problems.

During treatment an Osteopath will explain to you everything they are working on and where your problem areas are. They help you to feel relaxed throughout the session and any questions you may have are welcome at any time. For your comfort it is recommended you wear stretchy cool clothing to appointments.

If you want to learn more about Osteopathy then we recommend that you check out our very own channel on youtube. In the film Henrik tells  more about how we as Osteopaths can help you with pain and pain. Henrik treat lower back pain, headache, knee pain and ischias in the movies.

Henrik Fagersson

Osteopath D. O

Henrik completed a comprehensive Osteopathic degree at the Scandinavian School of Osteopath and University of Wales 2006-2012. This degree focused on how the body’s anatomy, physiology and neurology interact, and the osteopathic techniques used to promote optimal physical functioning.

Over the past 18 years, Henrik has worked in and owned a private day spa in Ulricehamn ( mitt i sjon) , multiple Osteopathic clinics in Sweden ( Molndalskliniken and Ulricehamnskliniken) , and was active in the Swedish Tennis Association and Ulricehamn Football Club as a therapeutic specialist. Henriks strongest qualites is to treat lower back problem, knee , iscias, hip and headace.


A patient’s story

“During April – May this year (2019) I started to have trouble with my back. It was sensitive and getting out of bed in the morning was difficult.
I finally had to visit some clinics for treatment for a few weeks but nothing helped.

Then I got in contact with an osteopath Henrik Fagersson who already at my first visit found that I had 2 blockings in the back. I received treatment during my first visit and planned a return visit. But already after the first treatment, I could feel that my back pain was almost completely gone.

Together with some of my friends here in Hua Hin Thailand, we can see that Henrik Fagersson is an asset and he has great confidence among us who visited him. His ability to diagnose and “read” the body is impressive.

For me it was a valuable change to not have trouble with my back and in combination with various exercises I continue to be trouble free.”

Christer Leinehed
After living in Thailand for over 12 years, I am thankful to have found a qualified spine dr.
I have had back pain on and off for a long time. With a recent strain in my neck, my husband and I made an appointment at the Spine Clinic. The pain is relieved and my experience was great!
Missy Shook
Missy Shook
10:53 30 Jul 20
Fantastic service, knowledgable, friendly, and does an excellent job. 5 Star!
Andrew Heaford
Andrew Heaford
13:51 24 Jul 20
I’m working at an office and had some trouble with my back. Henrik helped to solve my issues. After my visit at Henriks clinic I feel like reborn again!
mathias gustavsson
mathias gustavsson
06:10 16 Jun 20
Let's say the WOW clinic, back, neck, joint problem? The feeling I still have is that Spine clinic would be my first place of choice with any body ache. So next time you are in hua hin this place is highly recommended!
Djingen wallenberg
Djingen wallenberg
06:44 17 May 20
My husband and I met Hendrik yesterday for the first time when we had our scheduled appointments in Hua Hin. We can strongly recommend Hendrik to anyone. He has many years of experience in what his doing, he loves his job and does his treatments with so much passion for his patients.His very knowledgeable and explains his process all the time while doing the treatment.We went there with so much pain and uncertainty about our problems.Hendrik motivated us during treatment and we walked out there with positive mindsets, less pain, as our problems are long term self treatment and we will be back to see Hendrik end June. Don't wait until your pain rules your life🙏make that appointment😁
Alma Krynauw
Alma Krynauw
03:58 13 May 20
Very good Henrik, you are my star, no more back pain anymore, can highly recommend this treatment
Hey Henrik, I never felt that comfortable during a medical treatment. what you do is a mirical. Great job, nice location, excellent treatment, professionally competent and humanly dedicated... best Investition I could have done for my health! Thanks man and don't lose your spirit.
Kerstin Lahr
Kerstin Lahr
18:22 29 Feb 20
Please come home to Sweden again 🙏🏼Henrik is my all time favorite ostheopath and I miss my treatments sooo much since he moved to Thailand! Always professional, gentle and yet firm in his way of helping me with backpains, stiff neck and opening up my chest!Don’t hesitate to let Henrik help you 🙏🏼🔝
Lotta Romlin
Lotta Romlin
09:16 29 Feb 20
I got to know Henrik in 2002 during our service in the Swedish Army. He has always been devoted to his tasks and always gentle and kind to the people around him, always helping and supporting them.He has helped me countless times with my problems with my back. Unfortunately he is far away from Sweden now so I can not get help, but you people who are near and need help from this guy, concider your self lucky. Visit his clinic and enjoy the treatment, eventhough if it's the first time, it may be scary but don't worried, your in good hands!
Flamur Gashi
Flamur Gashi
09:04 29 Feb 20
Thank you Henrik! Your holistic and pedagogical treatment really helped my recuperation from a recent hip surgery.
Claes Noremark
Claes Noremark
15:27 17 Feb 20
I recieved very good help from Henrik.
My problems started with heel spur, then it became oblique in the leg, as i walked.
Tryed to get help from doctors, orthopedics and acupunctrist, but it became worse.
After 4 month i got an appointment with Henrik. I had 2 treatments and then i was fully recoverd.
I can really recommend Henrik!
Inger Fagersson
Inger Fagersson
09:34 19 Jan 20
The best osteopatic treatment i ever had i han strongly recomend going to Henrik to get a treatment
Michael Lyckhagen
Michael Lyckhagen
04:36 13 Jan 20
Henrik was excellent. I have been to many chiropractors and Osteopaths over the years and Henrik is very competent, communicates very well and extremely pleasant.

I was in Hua Hin and lower back was hurting significantly. He got me in on short notice and I walked out a feeling so much better 🙂

I highly recommend him.
Steven T. Cramer
Steven T. Cramer
11:18 06 Jan 20
After back pain many years Henrik find the solution for my problem. I can highly reccomend this osteopath and i am happy his Here in Hua Hin.
peter larsson
peter larsson
04:49 01 Jan 20
Bra bemötande! Kunnig pesonal
Göran Rehn
Göran Rehn
13:06 30 Dec 19
Very nice place at Sportcenter.Had problems many years with my neck after a diving accident.One meeting att Spine Clinic and its perfect... no more symtoms...Amazing... Can absolutely recommend Spine Clinic if u have som problems with ur spine :)Thanx Henrik for good work!!
VonPors .
VonPors .
02:54 27 Dec 19
Have seen many Osteopaths in my life and Henrik definately is a professional. Friendly, cautious but effective he first analises the patient history and problem source before manipulating. He helped me big time. Worth every baht and you even get an official tax bill.
R. Tschannen
R. Tschannen
05:08 23 Dec 19
I had visited a number of physiotherapists and chiropractors before trying Henrik at Hua Hin spine clinic and he is the only professional that managed to give me the advice I needed in order to improve my 20 year old problem with a winged scapula, highly recommended.
Henrik Sarvell
Henrik Sarvell
03:24 17 Nov 19
Henrik is the best to happen to me (and of course Hua Hin) in many years.
Very knowledgeable, competent and sincere.
He made me feel safe and the treatment I received was excellent.
I feel inches taller and as if I have double lung capacity but best of all my pain in my back is gone. So is my reoccurring headaches and migraines.
There is no reason in the world not to have a session with Henrik before you are in pain, that pain might never appear!
Carina Nina Sommar
Carina Nina Sommar
08:44 22 Oct 19

16 hours ago

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