About Us

Henrik Fagerson

Managing Director & Founder
Over the past 18 years, Henrik has worked in and owned a clinic in Ulricehamn (mitt i sjon), multiple Osteopathic clinics in Sweden (Molndalskliniken and Ulricehamnskliniken). He was active in the Swedish Tennis Association and Ulricehamn Football Club as a therapeutic specialist.
Henriks strongest qualities is to treat lower back problem, knee, ischias, hip and headache.


Member of Thailand Chiropractic Association

For Doctor Patrick, chiropractic is a second career, graduating from the prestigious Northwestern Chiropractic College (now Northwestern Health Sciences University) in Minnesota USA in 1992 at the age of 44. Northwestern College was one of the earliest chiropractic colleges accredited.

Doctors of Chiropractic are required to know all of the structures and function of the human body with focus on the spine

After working 10 years in America as an associate, learning the ins and outs of practice, he moved to Singapore in 2004 as the 17th chiropractor to practice there. Today he is the 27th licensed Chiropractor in Thailand.

Dr. Patrick has provided chiropractic treatment to thousands of Thais and foreigners in the 14 years he has practiced in Bangkok and Ayutthaya. His patients have included actors, actresses, former beauty queens, politicians even army generals. While his focus is on function of the spine he will give his attention to any problem you have or have experienced.

David GoldsWorthy D.C


Dr. David completed his undergraduate and master Chiropractic degree at RMIT university, Melbourne, Australia (2012-2016). Dr. David has worked in chiropractic clinics across Europe, including Germany, Spain and Serbia. During that time he has done extensive training in Europe to learn the most cutting edge techniques and suitable for all conditions and ages. 

The most common patient complaints Dr. David treats on a daily basis are headaches, neck pain, back and extremities injuries such as shoulder, elbows wrist, knee and feet.

Andreas Gschliesser

Physiotherapist, MSc Manual therapist

Andreas Gschliesser has a speciality in treating patients with stroke, knee and hip replacement. Andreas Gschliesser is working as a rehab specialist and at Spine Clinic we are using methods such as copping, tens machine and ultrasound to improve the health of our patients.

Physiotherapist consider the body as a whole and focus on the individual aspects of an injury or illness.

Kathrin Fagersson,
Manager Director
Khun Neung,
Jiratchaya Nabamrung
Jiraphon Taraenoi
Janejira Nuamnakar
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