Digressive Issue

Chinese herbal blends effectively alleviate various stomach problems by soothing digestive discomfort, regulating digestive function, and reducing inflammation. They strengthen the digestive system, and harmonize overall digestive function. Tailored formulations by our qualified practitioner will offer holistic relief, improving digestion and overall gastrointestinal health. 

We offer three different types of herbal blends to help with Digressive issues: 

Product 1: Si Jun Zi Tang

  • White Atractylodes Rhizome (Processed) 
  • Poria 
  • Licorice Root (Processed) 
  • Ginseng Root 

Product 2: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan 

  • Rehmannia Root (Processed) 
  • Cornus Fruit (Processed) 
  • Dioscorea Rhizome 
  • Alisma Rhizome 
  • Poria 
  • Moutan Bark 

These herbs will be combined in various proportions to create a customized blend tailored to every new patient. They can be taken as teas, capsules, or powders, and our qualified TCM practitioner will determine the most appropriate formulation and dosage for your specific Digressive issues.