Spine Clinic attended at Thailand Chiropractic Association

This two days ( 22-23 of May ) it has been the annual meeting for the TCA. Is an informative meeting with updates and information for us within the medical profession. Dr. Patrick Erickson and Dr. Henrik Fagersson was attending from spine clinic. On the event we had speakers as Dr. Marshall Neil Deltoff, DC, DACBR talking about trauma, neoplasm and normal variants and Dr. David Hannah DC, lecture in The cervical spine and facial pain.

Two very interesting days for spine clinic and progress in relationship with our colleagues around Thailand.

Director of public health in Bangkok talking about chiropractic occupation and their progress.

Dr. But Narawit D.C ( Louis ) had an excellent presentation about nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve quality of life.

For Spine Clinic to keep up to date with laws and regulations in Thailand is as important as having new and updates knowledge about the human body. We would like to give big thanks to Thailand Chiropractors Association for having this event. It was an impressive and professional meeting with the most skilled chiropractors in Thailand.




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