Hua Hin Heroes

The Hua Hin Heroes is an independent charity organization established by a diverse team of young entrepreneurs. We bring together ideas, people, and resources to provide assistance to those in need. Our focus is on achieving long-term, comprehensive, and sustainable development goals for the Hua Hin community.

Hua Hin Heroes target is to help 150 children each year to a better education and life.

Henrik is the CEO and founder of Spine Clinic( today a poly clinic, with several licensing).  Spine clinic is a western clinic with a range of different professional within the clinic such as chiropractor, osteopath, chinese acupuncture, physiotherapy, exercise therapy and yoga. Henrik is by his profession an Osteopath D.O from Sweden. Henrik moved to Thailand for 5 years ago with wife and two children. The initial plan was 6 month were Henriks wife, Kathrin was contracted in the medical field in Hua Hin. Henrik released quite soon there was a big demand for his work and occupation and the family decided to stay in Thailand. The thoughts of starting a foundation an helping other people started to grow after repeatedly supporting other foundations with work in the jungle and at several local schools treating and helping people. Henrik started 2022 adding the team together after carefully choosing strong candidates that could make reality of the foundation. The respond starting Hua Hin Heroes has been amazing from our society and friends. We have today more than 15 volunteers helping us to add everything together. We have a lawyer team ( Libothai ) , giving us all the help and legal advice, recording team ( Studio 51 with John Sinave) to expose what we are doing and the purposes with our foundation. We got support from Stamford university, (Student director Khun Benjamas Neung ) helping us establish a local school that needs support. Our foundation have been getting support from several international foundation such as Royal Rotary club of Royal Hua Hin, bright dawn foundation to make progress and knowledge about setting up and planning for a foundation. 

Our team is strong and dedicated,  we aiming to help a school with 150 children for minimum of 10 years. We would like to give this children, english education, swimming classes, safe schools environment and support with all necessary knowledge for a good and healthy lifestyle. We are aiming to follow them and hopefully help to a good path throughout their development in life. 

To find out more please visit our website: 0972761303

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