Osteopath D.O in Thailand


Osteopath is a growing occupation in Thailand. Today it’s unfortunately only foreigners working in Thailand. The osteopath is setting up an association to make it more reliable to find a valid osteopath with correct education in Thailand. Our future plan to open up an Osteopathic University school in Thailand to get even more recognition and Thai osteopath graduates in Thailand and the world. We will lean on the CEN osteopath standard from Europe as a guideline for the education. Education is 4-6 years for a bachelor or master degree. If you already have a physiotherapist license you only need 2 year’s complementary education to get an international standard and also to be able to work abroad.


Osteopath is the biggest alternative medicin in the world. We can see a high demand of our treatments and more internationally interest moving into Thailand. 

Today the  Osteopathic occupation is the biggest in the alternative medicine and the foundation for the chiropractic occupation. We are today 50 000 osteopath in Europe and about 200 000 osteopath worldwide in 46 countries. As an European osteopath we don’t prescribe drugs, we using manual technique and treating entire body with adjustment Such as High Velocity Techniques and articulation to increase mobility in joint and bone. Its and extremely safe treatment therefore the low insurance cost parallel to chiropractic worldwide.

Different between chiropractic and osteopath and the amount of practitioner in Europe and worldwide ?

We have 6 000 chiropractic in Europe and 103 000 chiropractic worldwide. The osteopath are 50 000 in Europe and 200 000 worldwide. 10 times amount practicing in Europe and twice as big as the chiropractic.

A chiropractor only treat the spine with adjustment and the osteopath treating the entire body with focus on posture, blood circulation and respiratory system as an integration. We are using specific adjustments and give the patient knowledge about the body, By using anatomical program and scientific we show the patient to a healthy part to live a god life. 

Henrik Fagersson is the founder and CEO for Spine Clinic since 2019 in Hua Hin ( polyclinic licence ). I am regularly getting emails worldwide for new osteopaths that would like to work in Thailand. I believe the demand is very high and Thailand need 3000-5000 osteopath to cover the demand and market. It’s a safe treatment and highly respected thru out the world.

Henrik Fagersson have been an osteopath since 2012 with degree from Scandinavia osteopathic university of Sweden. Henrik have been opening several clinics thru the years and still the owner of Molndalskliniken in Sweden. An osteopathic treatment is 30 minutes long and we treat about 2000 patients annually. 

Henrik Fagersson

Osteopath D.O




Work Adress: 565, Nong Hieng Road, Hin Lek Fai, Prachuab Khiri Khan. 

Location: Hua Hin Health Park

Spine Clinic is one of the leading alternative medicine clinics in Thailand.