Spine Clinic attended at Thailand Chiropractic Association

This two days ( 22-23 of May ) it has been the annual meeting for the TCA. Is an informative meeting with updates and information for us within the medical profession. Dr. Patrick Erickson and Dr. Henrik Fagersson was attending from spine clinic. On the event we had speakers as Dr. Marshall Neil Deltoff, DC, […]

Chiropractor Dr. Patrick Ericksson

Our first chiropractor in Hua Hin. Welcome Dr. Patrick Ericson Chiropractic is an art and a practice. The art is in the hands of the doctor of chiropractic. The practice is founded in the truths of physiology: the body is self-healing and self-regulating. It’s a medical reality that compression of a nerve deprives normal afferent […]

Команда клиники позвоночника

Вот наша команда в клинике позвоночника. Мы предлагаем высокое качество и сервис для вас, которые имеют проблемы с опорно-двигательным аппаратом в Хин Лек Фай, Хуа Хин. Нашими коллегами являются Ван, физиотерапевт с хорошим английским языком, прошедший обучение в Таиланде и в настоящее время являющийся частью команды Spine Clinic. Наш следующий терапевт — Кхун С. Она […]

You ignore the pain and hoping that it will go away ?

Spine Clinic

This is one of the most common fault people doing wrong.  Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is not right and that you need to get it looked at by an expert. What would you do if a warning light flashed up on the dashboard of your car? You’d take it […]