What type of chiropractor is best?

The best chiropractor is a personal opinion. There is many different approaches and techniques to use for the same problem area of the body. Make sure your chiropractor have a valid education my searching the clinic on google and facebook. That will give you a good idea of the level of expertise for the overall […]

Does Thailand have chiropractors?

In Thailand there is about 40 members of the chiropractic association. Most of them are located in Bangkok. We also have a few in Hua Hin at Spine Clinic and in Phuket. The goal is to increase amount to cover the demand and to spread the occupation to become more established. https://www.thailandchiropractic.org/

Spine Clinic is now located in Hua Hin Health Park

Spine Clinic at Hua Hin Health Park

Spine Clinic is now a part of Hua Hin Health Park. After almost a years of planning we are now entering the new facility.
We are expanding our service and merging with Bewell medical center and Daddy Deli to make it even better for our patient.